Saturday, 2 June 2012

Three for the ladies

Left to right: Grigorova, Jensen, Kypraiou
Our surviving 31 players are now on a short break and amongst them are three ladies hoping to hit the money. Nothing special in that, you might say.

Nothing special, but for the fact only four began the Main Event here in Thessaloniki and they continue to show the guys how it's done at the baize.

Susanne Jensen leads the charge for Fantasy Poker entrants, having won her package via the free blog game, though the Dane will have just 10 big blinds when we return.

Not so short stacked is Loukia Kypraiou but as the most experienced of our remaining female trio, perhaps it's no surprise she's constructed a 200,000+ tower.

Completed the set is Adelina Grigorova and the Bulgarian has 72,400 at her disposal as he battles to get paid tonight. Will any of our ladies make the final table and better Marga Gonzalez's 5th-place in Barcelona?

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