Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lubczynski amongst the leaders

Rafal Lubczynski is the dominant stack
Popular Fantasy Poker pick Rafal Lubczynski has seized Day 2 by the horns, more than doubling the 62,000 chip stack he started with to move amongst the biggest stacks in the room.

He was hoovering up chips throughout the first few hours and the PP blog caught the final hand before the break, where he picked up another 70,000+ pot thanks to all out aggression.

The Pole had three-bet his opponent's min pre-flop raise as we arrived on the scene and after the villain called, the dealer delivered a 7♣7♥Q♠ flop.

Rafal c-bet for 3,400 and having been called, fired an 11,300 barrel on the 3♠ turn. After some thought, his rival called again and the river followed a similar pattern when it fell A♥, only this time  Lubczynski's 18,800 bet forced a fold.

That swells his stack to around 150,000, news that will please the seven FP entrants who backed the Pole to perform in Thessaloniki.

Selected Chip Count (1st break)
Rafal Lubczynski - 150,000
Peter Csecsetka - 73,000
Susanne Jensen - 66,000
Andreas Zauner - 60,000
Daniel Thomsen - 50,000
Pavlos Kasselouris - 47,000
Christian Schulz - 45,000
Peter Horvath - 27,700
Christos Xanthopolous - 20,000
Lennart Akervall - 20,000
Bastian Bluem - 17,000
Ievgen Savchuk - Out

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