Sunday, 3 June 2012

First out the door

Barely five minutes on the clock and our shortest stack has departed to take us down to two tables. Merkourios Dravalos exits in 21st for a €1,375 payday.

With just 7 and a half big blinds to work with, it was inevitable the Greek would be all-in within the first orbit and his A5 couldn't find any help against 10s.

It also gives us a chance to catch up with a few exits from last night, especially as Leszek Matonog was among the player to impact Fantasy Poker. He was our last man out on Day 2 and sealed the same prize as Dravalos for 22nd.

In 27th was Emmanouil Mastorakis (€1,000), 26th Dimitar Kostov (€1,062) and 23rd Paschalis Gkizdimidis (€1,250).

As reported last night, Peter Horvath and Susanne Jensen also hit the rail at the tail end of Day 2.

Prize pool reminder - 1st - €26,881; 2nd - €19,375; 3rd - €14,687; 4th - €10,937; 5th - €7,500; 6th - €6,250; 7th - €5,000; 8th - €3,750; 9th - €2,500; 10th-12th - €2,187; 13th-15th €1,875; 16th-18th €1,562; 19th-20th €1,437.

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