Saturday, 2 June 2012

Peter keeps the wolf at bay

Horvath is closing on the money
Having been as short as 26,600 chips, Peter Horvath just doubled up to maintain his hopes of reaching the Main Event cash.

The Czech is just six players from achieving just that and he can hang on a little longer now his stack is closer to 60,000. That was care of a three-bet shove over the top of Pantelis Pavlis, who made the call with A♥4♥.

Horvath turned over A♠6♣ and while there was a high chance the pot would be split, a 6 on the turn ensured the full pot belonged to Peter.

Earlier we missed the exit of Andreas Zauner and now it seems his ParadisePoker Tour League lead is under threat once again as Nat Jarmonthavat has entered the €300+30 side event. A cash could yet see the Dane overtake his Austrian rival.

Zauner's Main Event came to an end a couple of hours back, he recounted for the blog. He had re-raised a villain pre-flop and when the flop ran 4-8-9.

All the money went in and Andreas was happy to hold a big edge, with his QQ crushing the 10-8 of his opponent, only for the turn and river to come 6 and 7 for a runner-runner straight.

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