Sunday, 3 June 2012

Final... finally!

Tsairis was defeated by big slick
It's been a long wait but the final table is set and the timing could hardly have been better, as Evaggelos Tsairis bowed out on the cusp of the dinner break.

He had been crippled  by another shorty, Grigorios Tsavdaridis, who pushed all-in with 9♦10♣ and was called by the A♥K♦ of Tsairis.

It still took some time for the chips to go in, however, but our final table bubble boy was finally undone with just seconds to spare before another trip to the buffet.

This time he was the pre-flop aggressor, shoving in early position with A♥J♦ only for Stavros Kalfas to peek at A♥K♦.

The dealer flipped a 7♦10♦47clubs; flop, Q♣ turn and the 10♥ on the river to send us to the final 10. Tsairis goes home €2,187 richer.

Prize pool reminder: 1st - €26,881; 2nd - €19,375; 3rd - €14,687; 4th - €10,937; 5th - €7,500; 6th - €6,250; 7th - €5,000; 8th - €3,750; 9th - €2,500; 10th-12th - €2,187.

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