Saturday, 2 June 2012

Crying call delivers a smile

Leszek Matonog is a happy man after having a significant call proved the correct decision, helping rebuild his stack up to the 70,000 chip mark.

That remains some 13,000 shy of the average but had the move been the wrong one, Leszek would have been teetering on elimination rather than riding an upward curve.

Matonog had been called by a Greek villain pre-flop and having lead out for 6,000 more on the 8♣6♦8♥ flop, he spent a while in the tank when his opponent shoved the remaining 22,000 at his disposal.

It might have been deemed a crying call when he eventually committed the chips with A♣K♠ but things immediately looked up when his foe showed KQ for a bluff. The turn 7♦ and river 4♠ added nothing else to the hand.

The survival of Matonog is good news for Fantasy Poker owners mistrze and Kaczuszki, as they were the only teams to pick him.

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