Sunday, 3 June 2012

Panagiotidis fairytale comes to an end

Georgios had a love affair with Lady Luck... but it's over now
The remaining two tables were proving a stubborn crowd but all of a sudden we have lost three players, including Georgios Panagiotidis as his odds-defying act came to an end.

As already mentioned today, the Greek was down to less than big blind on the bubble, having made a big call with top pair good kicker in a massive pot.

He had lived a charmed life since, albeit one teetering on the edge of elimination, first making it into the money and then repeatedly doubling his short stack.

The most incredible survival act was surely holding 6♦7♦ vs 88. The first card out was another 8, only for a 4 and 5 to quickly follow and push him back up to 20 bbs.

It couldn't last however and just moments ago Panagiotidis ran his A10 into the AQ of today's eliminator in chief Giorgos Sefertzis. He secures €1,562 for his 16th-place finish.

Also reporting to the rail were Sotirios Pantelidis and Portuguese competitor Helder Pinho, with the latter selected in two Fantasy Poker teams.

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