Saturday, 2 June 2012

Fantasy Poker: 13 feeling lucky

It may be an unlucky number for some but 13 Fantasy Poker teams have survived the rigours of Day 1 intact and brought all three players to the hunt for points today.

Only players who cash will score points and with the top 27 paid, the winning player will get 27 points for his team, with second earning 26, third 25 and so on.

ParadisePoker's Greek manager was in bold mood looking at the leading teams and predicted victory for xarisma, with Pavlos Kasselouris finishing 8th-12th, Pantelis Pavlis making the top 5 and Antonis Triantafyllakis winning the tournament.

Bold statements indeed. The PP blog will buy him a beer if he's right!

Heavily relied upon are Danes Daniel Thomsen and Alex Madsen but it could be a player less picked, such as Nicolas Storm, who make the difference. Only Days 2 & 3 will tell.

Here's the top 13 teams, who each boast a full compliment of players still in the Main Event.

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