Sunday, 3 June 2012

Stavros succumbs in 7th

Kalfas hit the rail with KK
Stavros Kalfas had long looked like a possible winner of the Main Event but the MTT pro couldn't recover from a double blow to his stack and exited 7th.

Not quite the €90,000 he won at EPT San Remo but the €5000 he adds to his CV here will still help to ease the pain in the morning.

Having already paid to double up Giorgos Sefertzis he then tangled with Attila Kongz, who's own stack had grown enough to cover his Greek rival's.

Kongz defended his big blind from Stavros' pre-flop raise and when the dealer turned over 9♣6♣9♥ the former check-raised all-in. Kalfas snapped him off with K♣K♦ but was dismayed to see the 9♠7♠ held by his opponent.

The turn and river brought the 8♠ and Q♦ into play and the flash of paint made Stavros' heart leap for just a second. It was destined to sink, however, and we're down to six players.

Prize pool reminder: 1st - €26,881; 2nd - €19,375; 3rd - €14,687; 4th - €10,937; 5th - €7,500; 6th - €6,250.

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