Friday, 1 June 2012

Reality Poker bites Jensen

Susanne Jensen won her second Fantasy Poker package
Undoubtedly the story of our Fantasy Poker games over the last two years have been the Jensens - Susanne and Johnny - who between them boast three FP crowns.

Susanne Jensen won the very first version of the game back in 2010 and is also our most recent winner, having conquered her foes in the Fantasy Poker play-off from Vienna in April, and so won her package to Thessaloniki.

Son Johnny Jensen has also picked up a package playing Fantasy Poker in events gone by but won his trip to Greece via another route this time around, so both are playing for real in today's tournament.

The Main Event hasn't been so kind to Jensen Junior so far, however, as he has just had to use his option to re-enter after a torrid first hour at the tables. He wasn't short of the usual trash talk despite the cold deck, entertaining his table with the friendly banter associated with the Dane, but it seemed he couldn't stay in Lady Luck's good books.

First up the PP blog stopped by to see him lay down A♠8♠ on a J♠-8♦-3♠-Q♥ board. His rival had bet 7,300 on the turn and Johnny turned his cards face up as he passed.

Moments later he was in the thick of the action again, this time calling a river bet with KQ on a Q♦7♠2♦-5♥-3♠ board, only to lose out to his rival's flopped two pair.

That hand left Johnny with just 8,000 chips and it wasn't long before the aggressive Dane was down to zero, though this time time he was a bad beat victim. Having got all the money in with two pair vs Jacks on an 854 flop, the river brought one of his rival's two outs to send Jensen to the cash desk.

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