Friday, 1 June 2012

Off to the buffet!

Lennart Akervall was as big as 40,000 earlier
Our players have popped to the top drawer buffet for the hour-long dinner break now but fresh from beating the rush, the PP blog can reveal the latest chip count from our notable players.

None among our selected few can boast a stack to top the 30,000 mark after Lennart Akervall lost a sequence of pots to drop down to 25,000. He had previously hit 40,000 chips.

We saw Robert Haigh lose a few chips just before the interval but he is still looking down at 26,000 in his arsenal, while Susanne Jensen tops this particular pile with 29,000.

Selected Chip Count
Susanne Jensen - 29,000
Johnny Jensen - 27,000
Andreas Zauner - 27,000
Robert Haigh - 26,000
Lennart Akervall - 25,000
Zoltan Kapitany - 25,000
Nat Jarmonthavat - 20,000

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