Sunday, 3 June 2012

Stars aligning for Kasspav? Tsavdaridis 6th

Jacks were no good for Tsavdaridis
Paul Kasselouris has seized back the chip lead in the Hyatt Regency Casino, but it took a slice of good fortune to drag in the 300,000+ stack of Grigorios Tsavdaridis.

The chips had been moved into the middle pre-flop only for the man known as Kasspav find himself dominated, his 99 trailing the JJ of the shorter stack.

That edge didn't last long, however, as a 9 duly hit the flop and send Tsavdaridis to the rail to collect his €6,250 in winnings.

Considering how long he had wrestled with so few big blinds, Grigorios might actually feel grateful his luck held until the final six, but it was a cruel way to exit nonetheless.

Prize pool reminder: 1st - €26,881; 2nd - €19,375; 3rd - €14,687; 4th - €10,937; 5th - €7,500.

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