Friday, 1 June 2012

Mood changer

Whether the PP blog put a curse on Andy Cooper or he heard the call of the cash games, you'll have to judge for yourself, but Mr. Grinder is no more in the Main Event.

Having promised himself a deep run, the Brit got caught up in two successive hands trying to play on the tight image he'd carefully constructed, but it proved the early end of him.

First he tangled with a villain with 79 off-suit, making his first three-bet of the tournament and calling a min four bet to see a Q7x flop. A small bet enticed him to float and when the turn came another Q and his rival checked, Copper fired a barrel to take it away. His opponent promptly check-raised all-in and forced a fold.

Left with 9,000 chips, Andy was dealt J♥4♥ and raised again. He was three-bet by an aggressive foe but when two other players called, Cooper abandoned his cautious mood hoping to take down a big pot with a 4-bet shove.

He made his rival tank for a minute at least, but the villain eventually came up with a call holding AK and our hero could get no help from the board.

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