Sunday, 3 June 2012

Attila finishes off Kiriakos

Kalfas knocked out two players
Day 3 edged closer to its final table as Karipidis Kiriakos, still stricken from his run-in with Paul Kasselouris, exited in 15th for a €1,875 payday.

This time it was simple enough, the money magnetising to the middle when Kiriakos picked up 99 and Attila Kongz looked down at Kings. There was no further drama as the paired board added no further twists as the day's earlier chip leader departed.

Also heading to the cash desk for the same prize were Alexandrakis Stergios and Dimitris Ballas.

First Stergios succumbed with 33 against the JJ of Stavros Kalfas and a Jack on the flop ended the contest.

Ballas wasn't too happy to ship his stack to the same opponent as his 10s couldn't hold against Kalfas' K♠Q♠. A river flush was the source of his malcontent, pushing his chips over as he got up to leave the table.

Prize pool reminder: 1st - €26,881; 2nd - €19,375; 3rd - €14,687; 4th - €10,937; 5th - €7,500; 6th - €6,250; 7th - €5,000; 8th - €3,750; 9th - €2,500; 10th-12th - €2,187.

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