Sunday, 3 June 2012

Loukia receives warm applause

Loukia exited with ladies... QQ vs AK
Another few minutes, another two players down and among them Loukia Kipraiou departs to leave Adelina Grigorova as our sole surviving female player.

Kipraiou was hovering around the average stack on the restart but inevitably the chips ended up in the centre when her QQ collided with the A♣K♠ of Giorgos Sefertzis.

The money went in pre-flop and while things looked good for Loukia on the turn (the board running 9♣4♠6♦-2♥) the river brought a cruel A♠ to end her tournament.

She secures €1,437 for 19th, having exited just moments after Athanasios Kechagias departed and was warmly applauded by a clearly affectionate crowd.

Sefertzis is clearly on elimination duty today but even he couldn't end the charmed existence of Georgios Panagiotidis, who doubled up with JJ vs A9 in the last few minutes. He was down to less than a big blind on the bubble, but the dream turnaround is still on!

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