Friday, 1 June 2012

No more lives

The clock has struck Level 4 and with it's dawn, the time for late registration and re-entries is now officially over at the Hyatt Regency Casino.

Our final field reached 244 players and though our prize pool will not be finalised until tomorrow, our winner can expect to take home a cash sum in the region of £30,000.

Meanwhile, Andreas Zauner continues to look the most likely winner of the Season 3 League after the PP blog saw him pick up a hand to make it smooth progress so far.

The Austrian check-raised on a 4♦Q♥9♥ flop and responded to his rival's "next time I raise you" claim by flashing a set of 4s and answering, "next time I call you!"

Fellow league hopeful Nat Jarmonthavat is playing his usual slow and steady game on another table, with the only action we've seen him in being to fold to a river bet.

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