Saturday, 2 June 2012

A royal affair

Three Greek players conspired to create a huge pot in excess of 200,000 as a trio of big hands collided - and Pantelis Pavlis made a huge laydown to wow the onlookers.

Pavlis had three-bet the original raiser to 30,000, only for Dimitrios Vlachos to come over the top for his entire 100,000 stack. When the raiser called, the former Greek Poker Tour winner tanked before folding Queens.

It proved an inspired decision, as Vlachos held Kings to dominate the Jacks of his opponent. He still saved his celebrations for after the river, as the harmless board fell 10-4-10-8-8.

Now just 31 players remain in the room, with four set to go home empty-pocketed before we're in the money.

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