Sunday, 3 June 2012

No deal, just fireworks

The final foursome did breathe word of a deal a short time ago but with no agreement made, play continued to the power of Giorgos Tzimas.

His profit came at the cost of Giorgos Sefertzis, who laid his hand down in the face of aggression the turn. The story had begun with a pre-flop raise from Sefertzis and after both Tzimas and Paul Kasselouris called, the three Greeks went to a 10♦9♦A♥ flop.

Giorgos S. fired a c-bet, which was called by Giorgos T. and Kasselouris folded. The turn looked a blank 3♣ but after Sefertzis let another barrel fly, his opponent came over the top all-in.

The two have continued to spar in hands since, with another big pot decided at the river this time and Sefertzis clawing back some of his chips.

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