Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bubble proving tough to burst

The bubble has arrived and is proving among the tougher to burst in ParadisePoker Tour history, despite one or two stacks shrinking to minute proportions.

Georgios Panagiotidis can probably consider himself the luckiest man in the room, proving the oldest poker adage about a chip and a chair by somehow surviving when he had just one big blind.

The Greek had been reduced to the shortest stack in the room by a big hand against a compatriot, the board coming Q♦10♥5♦ after a three-bet pre-flop. Panagiotidis led out on the flop and was raised, before check-raising all-in on the 5♣ turn.

His opponent made the call with K♣K♥ and left Georgios to vent his frustration on his tiny stack.

That was only the start of the tale, however, as his mood soon improved when twice doubling up - first with AK vs 9s when an Ace hit the turn, then on the other side of a flip as the 10s held against K9.

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