Monday, 23 January 2012

Sowinski out in 3rd as dream comes to an end

Sowinski was 4th in chips at
the start of Day 3
Piotr Sowinski will have €13,346 to ease the pain of missing out on his PPT dream after yet another run-in with Milan Simko proved fatal.

The Pole had been the most aggressive force throughout the final table so it was little surprise that it was he who broke our latest deadlock, committing his stack pre-flop with A♣4♠.

Simko looked down at A♦8♦ and made the call and with the crowd on their feet to watch, the dealer rolled a 10♠7♣3♠-9♣-J♣ board to send Sowinski to the rail.

Our remaining pair are relatively evenly stack and so the inevitable deal discussions are now under way... let's see what they can agree on.

UPDATE - Our players have reached an agreement, with Simko set to take €28,000 and Nat Jarmonthavat €25,000.

They will now play for the PPT3 Prague title!

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