Monday, 23 January 2012

Big hands go the way of the short stacks

The chips have been swaying back and forth between our players the past hour with little sign of a breakthrough.

The key moments where tournament lives were at risk have twice gone the way of the shorter stack, with first Nat Jarmonthavat and then Piotr Sowinski doubling up when they might have departed.

It was at the latter's expense that Jarmonthavat finally rose above short stack status to become a factor in the battle for first place. The chips went in on a J♦5♦8♣ flop, with Piotr showing A♦7♦ for the nut flush draw but Nat's top pair held firm.

It was Milan Simko who financed Sowinski's own bounce back moment, taking his chances in calling his pre-flop all-in with KQo. An Ace on the flop saw the Pole double up.

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