Friday, 27 January 2012

Fantasy Poker: Official Prague Results

It's time for the ParadisePoker blog to doff our cap to another Fantasy Poker winner following our trip to Prague, with special praise going to the runner-up too.

He may have fallen short of claiming the €1,200 package on offer for winning our free game, but kewals75 claimed a Fantasy Poker first by naming eventual winner Nat Jarmonthavat in his team.

Even that 32-point haul was not enough to deny the aptly named Winforever, who like several previous victors, picked two players who finished deep into the money places.

German Heiko Kenning was the key, finishing 5th, while Demetris Triantafyilou was equally important even though he missed the final table by a single place in 11th.

In third was maya10 care of Ertan Aldikacti's 4th-place while Kenning's performance saw 87team and Muenster Storm complete the top five.

Well done to all 51 entrants who had a player get into the money - and with it the Fantasy Poker points. Make sure you join us for another game in Vienna this March!

Fantasy Poker Official  Results

Click to enlarge Fantasy Poker results

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