Saturday, 31 March 2012

Trash talk and late arrivals

The flow of exits continues at a reasonably steady rate but as we close on the cash, a few rivalries are developing around the room.

Jan-Peter Jachtmann still has a sizeable stack but one confrontation with a player we believe to be Billy Ngo, the German was in fired up mood.

"That's it, you're my number one target now. I'm coming after you!" said the usually laid back Jachtmann after a little speech play from his rival flared his temper.

Ngo had checked the turn to his opponent on a Jack high board and when Jan-Peter fired out a bet, he asked whether he would show if he folded. "You ask a question that you know I won't answer," was the German's response.

Billy committed the chips and checked-called a value bet on the river too, before flipping Aces to almost everyone's surprise - and Jan-Peter's disgust.

Elsewhere we came across Rachid Waret on table 35 and after the PP blog watched him take down a small pot, he revealed his 79,200 stack had been eroded by a late arrival!

Waret had got the restart time confused with the €300+30 side event which is currently in action, so missed two hours of play to kick-off Day 2. He remains in contention on around 50,000 chips, however.

UPDATE - Further confrontation between Jachtmann and Ngo has been avoided after the UK-based player was move to another table!

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