Saturday, 31 March 2012

Jachtmann rolls on

Day 1 turned on a re-entry for Jan-Peter Jachtmann and the German continues to accumulate chips after re-investing in his tournament life.

A further €550 was required to change his luck yesterday, but the journalist sailed into Day 2 among the top stacks in the room following a sequence of big hands - and his momentum has continued today.

Jachtmann had called a pre-flop raise from a middle position aggressor with J♠9♠ and having gone to the flop three-handed, promptly picked up the nuts on the 7-8-10 rainbow board.

Julien Luy was the other caller and he led out into his two opponents, earning a call from both Jan-Peter and the pre-flop raiser before the dealer flipped a King on the turn.

Undeterred, Luy bet a further 5,400 and after one rival folded the hero of our tale raised to 18,000. Julien made the call and when the river came a blank 2, he quickly fired 25,000 into the centre.

That was swiftly followed a shove from Jan-Peter and his opponent was forced to muck.

Not such good news for Lutz Hoffman's loyal followers, however, as he made his exit just a short time ago when he ran 99 into Aces.

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