Saturday, 31 March 2012

Less than 100 remain at the close

Day 1 is at a close and less than 100 players will return for the latest Main Event sequel at the Concord Card Casino.

Among them will be Fantasy Poker favourites Jandrulo, Ronnie Espensen and Lutz Hoffman though only the latter is close to the average tower. Jandrulo had been down to just 1000 chips before fighting his way back.

Also in the mix is Piotr Sowinkski, who featured on Prague's final table this season, along with the still stacked Jan Peter Jachtman.

Sadly for 13 Fantasy Poker teams, Heiko Wendt departed after a brave fight with his super short stack. Eventually he succumbed, however, and left the casino with a look of frustration still engraved on his features.

Below is our selected chip count, with the full count set to be posted before play restarts tomorrow at 3pm local time (2pm BST).

Selected Chip Count
Jan Peter Jachtmann - 126,000
Lutz Hoffmann - 55,000
Piotr Sowinski - 38,000
Jandrulo - 14,000
Ronnie Espensen - 12,000

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