Saturday, 31 March 2012

Superman stung by Gomez

Ellrich pictured pre Superman t-shirt
The expected avalanche of short stacks might not have ensued but a few bigger players have been feeling the pain instead, including the man donning a Superman t-shirt, Sven Ellrich.

The Austrian player tangled with Vincent Gomez in a sizeable pot and having got as far as the river on a 7♦5♦5♥-7&sapdes;-3♥ board, he led out for 46,000.

Gomez came back over the top all-in and after Ellrich tanked, heaped on the pressure by calling a clock. Sven folded his hand face up in frustration.

Across the room Mario Karman eliminated a similarly stacked rival when he got it all-in with 4s vs AK and saw his small pair hold up. It leaves him with a good size chip stack with 23 players remaining.

Zsolt Adamovics (27th), Dan-Ionut Hila (26th) Eduardo Lacal (25th) and Ioannis Bouzalis (24th) have all made their exits  as we cross the midnight mark in Vienna.

Update - Having hurt Ellrich earlier, Gomez finished completed his role as kryponite just a few moments ago. The pair got into another battle and the German raised all-in with top pair, only to find Vincent with a set on the flop.

That became quads on the turn to seal Sven's fate, which is a 23rd place finish and €1,040 prize.

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