Saturday, 31 March 2012

Action stations!

The bubble draws ever nearer after a slight lull in the number of exits, another spate of exits including our much blogged about friend Jan-Peter Jachtmann.

The German has been involved in the thick of the action since the very first hour of the tournament, but he will play no further part after running JJ into QQ. With far fewer chips on the back of his earlier duel with Vincent Gomez, the blow proved fatal.

Playing executioner on another table was Simon Mertlitsch, as the Austrian slow-played Aces to deadly effect in the last few minutes.

Calling a raise from middle position in the small blind, Mertlitsch tempted the big blind into coming along too and the flop fell Jack high. All three players checked.

The turn was a Q and after leading out from the small blind, Simon prompted a shove from the pre-flop aggressor. He snap-called of course and was shown KQ before the departing player leaped up and quickly left the cardroom.

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