Thursday, 22 March 2012

Monster hands win more than the pot in Vienna

We're spicing up our return to Vienna next week with two free packages to be won to ParadisePoker Tour Greece, as we reward the first players to show off a monster hand.

As soon as the Main Event shuffles up and deals, the race will be on to win the €1300 extended trip to Thessaloniki from May 30th-June 3rd, with one package for the first quads and another for the first straight flush of the €125,000 Guaranteed tournament.

Both hole cards must be used in the hand and the dealer, tournament director and ParadisePoker representative must be shown the hand to confirm, so if you're dealt the big hand - shout it from the rooftops whether it goes to showdown or not!

Here's the obligatory T&Cs:

- One prize package will be awarded to the first player to show four-of-a-kind
- One prize package will be awarded to the first player to show a straight flush
- Both hole cards must be used
- The hand DOES NOT have to go to a showdown but the player must notify the dealer of the winning hand
- The hand does not qualify if the hand is mucked.
- The hand must be verified by the tournament director and a ParadisePoker representative before the prize package can be awarded
- Prize packages are not transferable and there is no cash alternative
- All regular rules surrounding prize package wins are attributable to this promotion and can be found on

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