Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fantasy Poker update

Day 1 proved a roaring success for our online qualifiers and in turn benefitted many a Fantasy Poker entrant, as no less than 23 teams saw all three players make the Day 2 cut.

The five teams featuring Daniel Korczak will particularly pleased, with both Andrzej Team and stamae boasting his 181,500 monster stack in their armoury alongside two other players.

Jan-Peter Jachtmann was picked by three teams, but only Ihr Team Name combined his 124,800 with two other stacks, as both Martin Svub (22800) and Lutz Hoffmann (57800) fight on.

With a further 37 of the 191 entrants still following two players, there is plenty of competition in Fantasy Poker Vienna yet! Here’s a snapshot of our 23 teams with all three players still in the game:

Click to enlarge

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