Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mertlitsch chases the chip leaders

Simon Mertlitsch moved to within striking distance of the biggest stacks in the room after getting the better of Billy Ngo in a big hand.

The board read 5♥10♦4♣-4♥-9♠ when he shipped his stack into the centre and after some thought, Ngo gave up on the big pot and let Simon build his stack to 325,000.

That's still a little way short of the 550,000 wielded by Mario Karman after his earlier double up, while Vincent Gomez is sitting on half a million chips himself after winning his war with Sven Ellrich.

Following Ellrich out the door most recently was Andre Bogumil and we're edging closer to the next payout level. Here's a quick reminder of the prize structure: 

1st €34,510, 2nd €19,520, 3rd €13,020, 4th €10,410, 5th €8,460, 6th €7,160, 7th €5,860, 8th €4,560, 9th €3,250, 10-12th €1,820, 13-15th €1,560, 16-18th €1,300, 19-27th €1,040

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