Friday, 30 March 2012

Quads cooler comes with consolation

Stunned: Andoni hit the rail after getting quads cracked
Our second ParadisePoker Tour Greece promo didn't last too long either, as Andoni Albella Fuente became the first player to make quads - and still managed to exit the tournament in the same hand!

Understandably, the Spaniard struck a dumbfounded figure when the PP blog came across him but having been told about his €1300 consolation, his mood was on the up.

Fuente had raised pre-flop with pocket 10s and was delighted with the 10-6-7♥ rainbow flop, but perhaps lamented the fact only one opponent came with him to the turn.

The 9♥ may have looked a little dangerous but when the 10♥ arrived on the river, Andoni was only concerned about how best to ship his chips into the centre.

When the inevitable happened, the villain of the tale flipped 6♥8♥ for an incredible hand that saw players staring in disbelief before snapping pictures on their smartphones.

We did promise you drama!

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