Friday, 30 March 2012

Missing Bank raises Fantasy fears

Gabor Bank has formed the crux of 27 Fantasy Poker teams but on our last sweep around the Day 1 field, the Hungarian was nowhere to be seen.

Moved to his earlier table was another PP regular, Joao Brito, and the Portuguese suggested Bank's Main Event was done as we close on the final level of play.

Taking a hit but still alive was our runner-up from the October visit to Vienna, Milan Zaric. The local player stormed out of the non-smoking half of the Concord Card Casino to cool off after the hand.

The PP blog only caught the tail end of the action, but it soon became apparent that the villain had caught a gut shot on a 10♥8♠9♥-2♦-J♠ board.

Meanwhile, another man in the top 10 most picked Fantasy Poker players was on the verge of departing unless he can mount a chip and a chair style comeback. Heiko Wendt has just 3,000 chips, which will equate to 5 big blinds when we return from our final break.

Here's the latest chip count from Vienna...

Jan Peter Jachtmann - 115,000
Lutz Hoffmann - 70,000
Piotr Sowinski - 50,000
Bartlomiej Swieboda - 47,000
Joao Brito - 42,000
Jandrulo - 26,000
Luis Machado - 18,000
Ronnie Espensen - 10,000
Tommy Jensen - 10,000
Heiko Wendt - 3,000

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