Friday, 30 March 2012

Jachtmann back in favour

Jan Peter has a smile on his face now!
Jan Peter Jachtmann was cursing his misfortune earlier but courtesy of the re-entries introduced for the first time in Vienna, he has built a tower standing 125,000 chips high.

The German poker journalist is writing quite the story having exited the Main Event in cruel fashion earlier, when his top two pair was beaten by runner runner outs for the villain in his tale.

Having opted to return for €550, Jan soon found Lady Luck's treatment had changed along with his seat, as two quick fire hands made him almost certainly the largest stack in the room.

First he picked up Aces and having limped, a player in late position went all-in for 12,000. Jachtmann made the call, only for another limper to shove over the top and when the cards were flipped, his rivals showed AK and QQ respectively. With no drama on board, Jan found himself on over 60,000 chips.

Two hands later and he was in the thick of the action again, raising with 88 and despite seeing three and four bets before the flop, trusted his read vs two aggressive players.

The dealer turned 10-2-4 rainbow and after calling a c-bet from the pre-flop four bettor, his dream turn was the 8♠, making for an easy call when his opponent shoved for a further 20,000. The villain sheepishly showed 66 and propelled our hero into six figures.

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