Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kings can't keep Jensen alive

To our knowledge, there was no last longer bet but Ronnie Espensen has bettered his father in the ParadisePoker Tour Main Event after his Kings were cracked with just an hour of Day 1 remaining.

Tommy Jensen will have to be make do with his side event cash from last night, having taken €480 for a 7th-place finish in the €100 warm-up, but he can feel aggrieved at failing to survive the final stretch.

He had raised to 6x the big blind with KK only to be three-bet all in by 77 and having made the call to put himself in great shape to double up, the villain made a straight to end his Main Event.

Ronnie took no pleasure at his father's exit and has had little joy himself so far, with just 18,000 chips to work with after nigh on nine hours of grinding.

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