Friday, 30 March 2012

Jandrulo pleases Fantasy Poker following

We've just checked up on some familiar faces and while collecting the first rough chip count of the day, we saw Jandrulo pump up his stack to 35,000 chips.

That will please his Fantasy Poker following, who earned a triumphant point for his cash in Prague.

The blog swung by as the flop fell 6♦10♦Q♠ and both players checked. The turn came 8♣ and the villain in the small blind fired out 1600 into our Spanish hero, who was sat in late position.

The ParadisePoker pro made a small raise and after his rival called, the river came a scare card 9♦. Jandrulo called a 2700 bet nonetheless with his J♠9♠ and took it down as he bettered a top pair Q.

His rival for most popular Fantasy Poker pick, Gabor Bank, has not been doing quite so well as his stack stands at just 8,500, while Ronnie Espensen has a similar count.

Selected Chip Count

Lutz Hoffman - 35,000
Jandrulo - 35,000
Fernando Martin - 25,000
Heiko Wendt - 21,000
Gabor Bank - 8,500
Ronnie Espensen - 8,000
Christos Xanthopoulos - 8,000


  1. Great update here. Looks like this season will be some fun, I had a lot of fun on the last one.


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