Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fresneda Jaro doubles up as Milan misfires

Pictured on Day 1: Fresneda Jaro is in 7 Fantasy Poker teams
Daniel Fresneda Jaro propelled his stack past the 200,000 mark just a few minutes ago as the Spaniard doubled through with pocket Kings.

Entering the day sitting on a 122,000 stack, Jaro can once again claim to be among the chip leaders after a huge hand unfolded against a local player.

The PP blog arrived with the Spanish shark all-in on a 4♦5♦J♠-9♥ board and after a spell in the tank, his rival made the call.

Jaro flipped K♥K♠ and the villain sheepishly showed Q♦J♣ and the river brought the latter no help. The pot crippled his rival and left Daniel wielding around 210,000 chips.

Meanwhile, Milan Zaric was fuming on the other side of the cardroom after making a call for around one third of his chips on the river.

Runner-up on our last visit to Vienna back in October, the highly-rated Austrian had raised to little over twice the big blind in early position and only the big blind had called.

The flop came 2♦10♣3♦ and the villain check-called a c-bet from Zaric. The 4♠ on the turn was checked by both players and the river A♠ looked like a scare card for Milan.

After much thought, he called a 12,000 bet from his opponent and was upset to see him turn over A5 for the wheel straight.


  1. Can we get an update on Rachid Waret? He finished 25th yesterday.

    Thanks in advange

  2. Will do my best to find him. Where's he from? Can you describe him?

  3. Found him. He's on about 50,000 chips... Will follow his table for a little while and report on a hand if I see a big one.

  4. Blackjack player31 March 2012 at 18:00

    Many thanks!


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