Sunday, 1 April 2012

Vitezslav builds another tower

Tour regular Jamroz finished in 18th place
Maly Vitezslav continues to grow his stack as we move into the final hour of play, turning down the aggression yet still raking in a pot for some 330,000 chips vs two opponents.

A pre-flop raise had come from early position but both blinds opted to call, including Maly in the small blind, before the flop was delivered 3♠Q♠K♦.

The pre-flop aggressor c-bet after it was checked to him but again both men committed the chips and the dealer flipped the K♥ on the turn. All three players checked to see the river for free.

It came a harmless looking 6♦ and after Vitezslav opted to check once more, the big blind fired out for 55,000 and after considerable thought, the pre-flop raiser matched the bet.

He was unhappy to see Maly also commit the chips into the middle, showing AA with some disgust as his rival showed K10 for the winning hand. The big blind mucked.

In the meantime, Kamil Jamroz became the latest player out of the Main Event in 18th and the Pole wins €1,300 for his two day's of play.

Prize Pool Reminder: 1st €34,510, 2nd €19,520, 3rd €13,020, 4th €10,410, 5th €8,460, 6th €7,160, 7th €5,860, 8th €4,560, 9th €3,250, 10-12th €1,820, 13-15th €1,560, 16-18th €1,300.

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