Sunday, 1 April 2012

Thomas & Toni to the rail

Having suffered the early blow, Thomas Taubenschuss was the first player to depart on Day 3 of the Main Event and he was swiftly followed by short stack Toni Englund.

Maly Vetzslav was first to play executioner and the Czech is now threatening to seal Fantasy Poker glory for team Trinec, while Englund supporters know their hopes are now over.

Vetzslav had initially limped and seen Bernhard Haider consider a raise. While he did so, Taubenschuss shipped out of turn but when the correct order was restored, both players stuck to their original line.

That left Maly facing a raise and three-bet but he made the call and after some thought, Haider stepped out of the firing line. It proved a wise decision as his A10 was crushed by the AJ of Taubenschuss and AQ of Vetzslav and the latter held up to send Thomas out in 13th.

Englund soon followed when he eventually shoved his last 70,000 with KJ and was called by A7, which again held to send another player to the cash desk.

Taubenschuss wins €1,560 and Englund reaches the next bracket, taking home €1,820.

Prize Pool Reminder: 1st €34,510, 2nd €19,520, 3rd €13,020, 4th €10,410, 5th €8,460, 6th €7,160, 7th €5,860, 8th €4,560, 9th €3,250, 10-12th €1,820, 13-15th €1,560.

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