Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tamas on top

Daranyi leads the way
Tamas Daranyi leads the final table as we return from a brief break but as we type, Pavlos Xanthopolous has taken down a big pot to rise above the million chip mark.

The Greek chipped up at the expense of Heinz H. after the pair went to the flop in a raised pot. It came Q♦7♦3♣ and both players seemed eager to get their chips into the centre.

When the cards were turned face up, it was clear why as Heinz had flopped top pair with K♠Q♣ and Pavlos had Aces. They held up on the turn and river and took Heinz down to around 300,000 chips.

Here's the latest (rough) chip count:

Tamas Daranyi - 1,800,000
Pavlos Xanthopolous - 1,200,000
Billy Ngo - 850,000
Vincent Gomez - 600,000
Mario Karman - 380,000
Heinz H. - 300,000
Pavel Chalupka - 225,000

UPDATE - As we typed up this piece, Mario Karman made his exit as he lost to the AJ of Daranyi. He wins €5,860 for 7th, while Tamas now has over 2,000,000 chips.

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