Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pavlos in control after eliminating Daranyi

Pictured earlier, Pavlos holds a 4.5-1 chip lead
Pavlos Xanthopolous is closing in on his brother's footsteps as his stack has risen to 4,300,000 after eliminating Tamas Daranyi.

The Hungarian has returned from a break with the shortest stack and quickly shipped it when next he was on the button. Xanthopolous looked down at KK and made the simple call.

There was no drama in the hand, with not so much as a draw to trouble the Greek. He goes heads-up with comeback kid Pavel Chalupka (1,180,000), though not without a quick deal discussion.

Earlier Pavlos had seized the initiative with a number of good-sized pots, first betting all three streets before shoving the river vs Chalupka and then drawing to a straight to cripple Daranyi.

Daranyi meanwhile takes €13,020 for third place.

UPDATE - A deal has been struck in which Pavlos will take €31,070 and Pavel €21,960. They will play for the remaining €1,000 and the ParadisePoker Tour title.

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