Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ladies' love is not enough

After his stack was shot down that short time ago, it will come as little surprise that Vitezslav Maly has exited in 9th, though in the end he was unlucky to do so with QQ.

He was looking for just the spot to ship his chips into the centre, so he must have felt Lady Luck was on his side when she sent two of her sisters to his rescue. Maly came over the top of Pavlos Xanthopolous' pre-flop raise and was also called by Tamas Daranyi.

As is the etiquette, both players checked it down until the river, when Daranyi led out with the board reading A♠5♣9♥-9♣-6♣. His girlfriend as on hand to console him, at least, and the €3250 prize might help ease the pain too!

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