Sunday, 1 April 2012

River rides to Haider's rescue

The final was looming large just a short time ago but having been crippled to a stack of just 34,000 chips, Bernhard Haider has recovered to around 200,000.

He had lost the majority of his chips in a blind battle with Billy Ngo, shoving in the small blind with KJ and earning a call from his rival, who announced he could not fold AJ in that spot.

Two hands later and Haider was inevitably all-in for the rest of his stack and with two callers in Vincent Gomez and Vitezslav Maly, the room braced for final table to be announced.

It was not to be, however, as this time his KJ caught a river Jack to outdo both rivals and triple his stack to around 100,000 chips.

It got better still a few moments later, as Gomez raised his blind and Haider made the call with A4 off-suit. Vincent showed Jacks and looked in control when the board ran 844-8, but a river Ace put Haider back in contention.

He remains the short stack but another double up and he could be close to the average stack! Great time for a heater.

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