Sunday, 1 April 2012

Trio hold the key to Fantasy Poker hopes

Three players from the Fantasy Poker players list remain and with no team managing to get more than one into the money places, the hopes of 10 teams rest on a star performing trio.

Six sides can lay claim to chip leader Pavlos Xanthopolous, including ROG ACADEMY, Όνομα ομάδαςteam justmenowQuadsnixokoftes and kopečkovi. That means that should the big stack outdo his remaining FP rivals, those teams will face a playoff for the €1300 package to Greece.

Backing short stack Toni Englund are BPUfekete61 and Immortals but they must pray for a miracle given he has just 128,000 chips to work with now.

The only team that looks capable of winning outright tonight is Trinec, having been the only side to name Maly Vitezslav in its line-up. Much rests on the performance of the Czech today then!

Here's the teams still in contention:

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  1. if there is more than 1 team winning it have to be the team who have the best top 3 i think

  2. If there's a tie we'll arrange a game on ParadisePoker to decide who wins the package. It's all in the rules ;-)