Sunday, 1 April 2012

Heinz H. breaks the spell, exits in 6th

The madness is over and with it, the tournament life of Heinz H. as the mysterious character bows out in 6th for a €7,160 payday.

With the blinds still applying the pressure, it was little surprise he was happy to get it in with A♠J♥ but found Pavlos Xanthopolous waiting with QQ. The 10-high board had no help for him and means we're down to 5.

The exit sparked a deal discussion here in the Concord Card Casino, which remains ongoing. We'll update you on our players' decision soon enough.

UPDATE - The deal talks have stalled and the remaining five have decided to continue playing for now.

Prize Pool Reminder: 1st €34,510, 2nd €19,520, 3rd €13,020, 4th €10,410, 5th €8,460.

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