Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ngo go for Billy

Ngo won €10,410 for 4th
The big stacks haven't been able to dispose of Pavel Chalupka but Billy Ngo has proved a different matter, with the Edinburgh-based player going out in 4th.

Ngo had raised it up holding A♠10♠ but with Pavlos Xanthopolous picking up J♠J♦ the inevitable followed.

There was no help for Billy, as the river even made Pavlos a full house and sent the Brit home with €10,410.

That Chalupka hasn't beaten him to the rail is something of a poker miracle, given he was down to less than a big blind earlier and has been all-in and called on countless occasions.

Shortly before Ngo's departure, he was at risk again with A3 vs the A9 of Xanthopolous and somehow caught a 3 on the turn to keep his chances alive.

Another deal was discussed once we were down to three players but the Greek refused to budge on his demands and play has since resumed.

Prize Pool Reminder: 1st €34,510, 2nd €19,520, 3rd €13,020.

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