Sunday, 1 April 2012

Short stacks won't be beat

Chalupka (right) is mounting an improbable comeback
The killer touch has been lacking in the last few hands as the short stacks have battled back into contention with a series of double ups.

First was Heinz H. with Q8 vs the rag Aces of Billy Ngo, only for the river to save his tournament life by delivering a Queen.

Shortly afterwards it was the turn of Pavel Chalupka to get the revival treatment, his pre-flop all-in with JJ generously called by the big stack of Tamas Daranyi with K♠10♠.

Pavlos Xanthopolous was on both ends of the race fest, first doubling Ngo when the pair had got it in via a blind battle. Billy showed 88 and was dismayed to find himself up again 99, but spiked the 8 he needed on the turn.

Pavlos then got back in the game with A♦7♦ hitting an Ace versus the 9s of Chalupka, who then miraculously flopped a straight after going all-in blind against Vincent Gomez.

Update - He had just half a big blind in that hand and having won two more since, including a win with J10 vs the AJ of Xanthopolous, Pavel is now back on 500,000 chips! Incredible stuff.

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