Thursday, 31 May 2012

Season 3 finale - shuffle up and deal!

A little late in the offing but our players have pulled up their chairs and with the shoutout from our MC, the ParadisePoker Tour Season 3 Main Event is under way at the Hyatt Regency Casino.

We'll be bringing you news from all the familiar faces in the room - and there are plenty of them - once the Fantasy Poker deadline has passed, as it wouldn't be fair to give you a clue to who's made a hot start now would it?!

We'll also eagerly track down anyone you're interesting in following throughout the tournament so be sure to get in touch via the comments section or on Twitter (@ParadisePoker) if you have a request.

Talking of Twitter, we'll also be playing our just for fun game of Who Am I? at 15.00 BST if you need entertaining. The aim is to decipher our five picture clues and tell us which poker celebrity they are describing.

Sound easy? Come and prove you're a poker know-it-all!

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