Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bullets fire Horvath among chip leaders

Peter Horvath looks to be one of the room's biggest stacks as we edge towards the dinner break after the Czech dragged in a monster pot care of Aces.

A rough count puts him well over 60,000 chips after eliminating one rival with pocket rockets, with the money going all-in on a soaking wet 9♣7&clubs7♠ flop.

Horvath had continuation bet, only for his rival to ship his stack, and our man made the call with A♠A♣ knowing there was every chance he held one of his opponent's outs. So it proved, as the villain flipped 3♣4♣ and failed to connect.

Lady Luck was feeling less kind to Ronnie Espensen however, as the Dane's strong start evapourated in one bad beat. He had three-bet Martin Svub once again and third player four-bet-called Ronnie's effective shove.

His rival threw down his J♥J♦ as if he knew it was beat - and it was indeed crushed by Espensen's Aces - but a Jack on the turn turned the hand on its head and left Ronnie with a rebuilding job.

Elsewhere Christian Schulz is up to 30,000 chips thanks to a set of fives - and it could have been even better for the German. He flopped top two pair on a K-Q-2 board but having got the money in, found his opponent had the same hand!

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