Thursday, 31 May 2012

First break, first chip count

We've not long returned from our first break so the PP blog had a chance to count up some chip stacks after two hours of play.

Mikkel Bergmann fans rejoice, he was the biggest stack we found at 45,000, with Ronnie Espensen on 30,000 after adding another pot to his growing collection after flopping a set of deuces.

Things go less well for Jens Weigel, who is in "survival mode" on just 4,000 chips, while Borat-wannabe Christian Schulz has 23,000.

Schulz was involved in one hand he described as crazy, where having led out on an A♦J♦3♦ flop, he thought he was turning his hand into a bluff on the ♦ river by over-betting the pot.

As it happens, he was called by the A10 of his rival and took down a decent pot with just top pair. "Maniac table," said the man in the mankini, wig and sunglasses.

Here's our rough chip count for you:

Mikkel Bergmann - 45,000
Ronnie Espensen - 30,000
Steffan Karlsson - 28,000
Bastian Bluem - 23,000
Christian Schulz - 23,000
Christos Xanthopolous - 20,000
Pavlos Xanthopolous - 20,000
Peter Horvath - 19,000
David Pishvafar - 19,000
Miguel Rato - 18,000
Gabor Bank - 14,000
Jens Weigel - 4,000

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