Thursday, 31 May 2012

FP update: Popular Ronnie

A quick review of our Fantasy Poker teams reveals that true to form, Ronnie Espensen our most popular selection of the ParadisePoker Tour Main Event - with 13 teams opting for the Dane.

Espensen earned himself a cult following in the blog game after grabbing the Season 2 League title, having been the most consistent performer over the six legs.

By his own admission, Season 3 has not been quite the success story but there is no doubting Ronnie's talent amongst the Fantasy Poker entrants!

The good news for those putting their trust in him is that he has made a strong start in the Hyatt Regency Casino, having won two decent sized pots on each occasion the PP blog passed by.

Having shown down Aces against Gabor Bank, the pair tangled again, only this time with Martin Svub caught in the middle. The former had raised to 225 pre-flop, the latter three-bet to 800 and Espensen made the call in position.

The trio went to a 4♦-A♠-10♥ flop and after Bank checked, Svub led out for 875. Ronnie made the call and their Hungarian rival exited the hand before the turn brought the A♦.

Svub showed a flash of nerves as he checked to the popular Fantasy Poker pick and the Dane led out for 1400 more, which eventually proved enough for the pre-flop aggressor to fold after a spell in the tank.

The Czech flipped KK and Espensen answered by showing K♥Jhearts; for a well-executed bluff.

Also popular among the 111 Fantasy Poker entrants was Daniel Thomsen with 11 backers, while Alex Madsen, Bank and Johnny Jensen were chosen 9 times. Jensen is set to ante up tomorrow.

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